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Run Your Car on Water and Gas - oil industry secrets

Run Your Car on Water and Gas - oil industry secrets


Author: Matthew Loop, DC

Everyone is concerned over the rising cost of gas. It seems that every week, the cost of gas goes significantly higher, causing a great amount of stress on one\'s wallet - all while the gas companies continue to make record profits. Big Oil seems to be the only people not affected by the high gas costs, even though they are the one\'s causing the problems, and politicians appear to be sitting on their hands not doing anything about it.

By actually harnessing water as fuel, you can stop stressing about ridiculous gas prices, significantly increase your mileage (depending on which type of car or truck you drive), decrease emissions and thwart global warming. To top it all off, you can even become eligible to receive IRS tax refunds by driving a more environmentally compatible vehicle.

Oil companies have been preventing this information from reaching the public for years, because if it were to hit the mainstream, oil companies would lose their record profits. But this technology is so powerful that it continues to permeate through word of mouth as more and more people search for ways to avoid these high gas prices.

The technology to run your car on water, also known as HHO gas (for H20, or 2 Hydrogen, 1 Oxygen), has actually been around for awhile. By simply hooking up a small, homemade machine to your car\'s battery, you can convert everyday tap water into a working Hydrogen current that helps improve your gas mileage by as much as 300%.

And the best part about this HHO gas is that the end result is not more emissions. Rather, after the HHO gas has been used, the Hydrogen gas actually turns back into water. So you are doing your part to fight global warming as well as improve your car\'s gas mileage.

This will provide you with no only relief at the pump, but relief for your mind as well. As more and more people switch to this type of gas supplement and start to power their cars on water, the savings at the pump will be thousands of dollars per year, and the savings for the environment even more valuable. And best of all, you can put this technology together in no time, at home, using tools and equipment you already have.

What parts do you need to make your car run effectively on water? I got my hands on a couple of inexpensive parts, to begin with. These may cost you $60-160 at a local auto / hardware store, depending on where in the country you live. The whole conversion can be completed in less than an hour. A good how-to guide is very important because if you install everything yourself (even though it is relatively simple), there is a real chance that you will botch-up your automobile, especially if you aren\'t technically savvy. In my opinion, it\'s not worth taking the chance!

When it comes to controlling the cost of gas, you can either let the gas companies force you to pay their incredibly high costs, profiting off your misfortune. Or you can turn your car into one that runs on water, triple your gas mileage as well as improve the environment, all for just a little bit of time and even less money. Within less than a month, you will have saved twice the amount of the cost of building the water car addition, without any of the environmental damage.

Interested in building a water / gas hybrid yourself? Easily double your gas mileage and save over $100 per month with the proven Run Your Car on Water conversion manual. It\'s quick, cheap, and has a money-back guarantee. Get Gas Price Relief now.

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