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HAFC and PICC - Save Money on Gas \" />

HAFC and PICC - Save Money on Gas


Author: Sinclair Sonny

Thanks to the lowering of crude oil prices in world markets, the price of gas has eased significantly at the gas pumps. However, the consumer is far from feeling safe because of the current negative sentiment due to the global economic downturn. People nowadays are looking to save money and cut costs.

One of the biggest expenditures for American households is gasoline, especially if there are two cars. It is not an option for a family not to use one of the vehicles or to sell off one, therefore, if the only way is to lower consumption by finding fuel saving options to increase gas mileage.

There are several things you can do to increase you fuel savings and increase your gas mileage: keep your car in tip-top shape, use alternative fuels, make your own bio diesel, and modify your car to use Liquefied Petroleum Gas or (LPG). LPG is cheaper and burns more cleanly than regular fuels, and is much more earth friendly.

However, to truly be able to save on gas, you can take a look at two emerging fuel saving technologies that look very promising - Hydro Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC) technology and Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter (PICC) technology.

What is HAFC Technology?

Hydro Assist Fuel Cell technology, better known as HAFC, extracts a hydrogen-oxygen mixture from water called Brown\'s Gas, through ionization using the electricity from the engine. The Brown\'s Gas is then added to the fuel mixture before it is burned in the engine. The brown\'s gas and fuel vapor mixed together creates an energy rich gas that burns far stronger. With this fuel mixture, you can realize savings because you need less fuel because of the increased efficiency.

The second part of the HAFC system utilizes powerful magnets to ionize the gasoline and produce smaller molecules. Fuel that is ionized and broken down burn much more rapidly and cleanly. Add that ionized gas with brown\'s gas and you get an explosive mixture that has more power, and less emissions. More powerful fuel means less fuel needed.

Early lab tests peg the fuel savings from HAFC at least a minimum of 50%.

What is PICC System?

PICC or Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter system is an experimental fuel improvement system that is in the developmental stage. But this early, it promises to up gas mileage by a potential 5x more.

Presently, cars have working catalytic converters, and are installed in the car\'s emission system. It is now being utilized for breaking down the large gas molecules that are unburned in your engine, breaking them into smaller particles and incinerated in the tailpipe.

The PICC is simply the same system - but in reverse. Instead of the fuel being broken down after being used in the engine, the PICC system breaks it down pre-engine use. Gas burns better in vapor form indeed gas will only burn when it is a gas. Break down gas further and theoretically, the fuel will be more explosive, burn easier and more powerfully necessitating less fuel injected into the engine.

The best part is these two technologies can be used side by side, and together promises to end America\'s dependence on foreign oil, plus keep more money in your pocket.

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