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The Hydro Assist Fuel Cell

The Hydro Assist Fuel Cell


Author: Sinclair Sonny

There are many valid reasons to start looking for alternative fuels for your car. There is the looming danger of global warming, and of course, the most pressing as of the moment, the current global economic downturn. It is for these reasons that many people are looking for ways to lower their spending on fuels. While it may take more than just decades to totally eradicate the use of fossil fuels, there are existing technologies today that can help anyone improve the fuel economy of their car and extend mileage per gallon.

Once of the more noteworthy technologies out there is Hydro Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC). HAFC is a combination of tested principles in the tradition of fuel saving technologies. It is available today, not merely available \'years from now\' as others might lead you to believe.

To make it easier to understand, imagine that your car is an energy generation plant. Like all electric plants, it uses fuel, in this case, petrol. This fuel burned in the engine is what makes the car go forward. Aside from the forward motion, it also creates power for the stereo, the lights, the signal lights and electrical system. The HAFC system uses the energy created by the engine to make the system more efficient.

HAFC technology works this way: workers extract a hydrogen-oxygen rich mixture from water by ionizing it with electricity from the battery. This energy rich gas (hydrogen-oxygen) is called Brown\'s gas.

This energy rich gas (hydrogen-oxygen) called Brown\'s gas, mixed with vaporized gasoline enriches the fuel mixture, giving out more energy as it burns. The more efficient the burn the less fuel is needed in the engine, thus improving you vehicles gas mileage.

The HAFC system also uses powerful magnets to ionize the gasoline to break it down to its component molecules, allowing it to burn more rapidly and cleanly. It is a common mistake that gas burns. Gas does not burn, and what burns is the vapor that is on the surface of the gas. In unmodified engines, the fuel injector turns the gas into a fine mist. If this fine mist were to be turned actually into gas, and the components broken down to make it burn more, you will get a more explosive mixture, meaning more power, and less emissions, using less fuel. That is why cars that run on Liquefied Petroleum Gas are more economical, the fuel the reaches the engine is in gas form, easily burned and gives off less smoke.

Many studies have been made and claim that the HAFC system can produce gas savings of a minimum of 50%. This is a dramatic increase in mileage and fuel economy; though of course one can expect the savings to vary from vehicle to vehicle depending on the engine condition and the road usage the vehicle is subjected to.

What is amazing about this system is that it will work on all existing gasoline-burning cars. No more converting you car into LPG fuel driven system; and unlike conversions to LPG fuel, there will be no need for modifications, only added components that will not burden the car. It is also compatible with other emerging technologies such as Pre Ignition Catalytic Converter technology, which should be available to you soon.

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