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Biodiesel, homebrewed biodiesel, make biodiesel, buy biodiesel,dangers of using Biodiesel,cooking oil Biodiesel,used motor oil Biodiesel, Save money and stop wasting a resource: Converting the oil to bio-diesel is probably the best all-round solution of the options available. Make biodiesel or buy biodiesel? You could simply buy your biodiesel at one of the new stations that are poping up all over the country.
What about the USA auto manufactures? Most major European vehicle manufacturers now provide vehicle warranties covering the use of pure biodiesel -- though that might not be just any biodiesel. Some insist on "RME", rapeseed methyl esters, and won't cover use of soy biodiesel (which isn't covered by the Euro biodiesel standard). Germany has thousands of filling stations supplying biodiesel, and it's cheaper there than ordinary diesel fuel. All fossil diesel fuel sold in France contains between 2% and 5% biodiesel. New EU laws will soon require this Europe-wide. Some states in the US are legislating similar requirements. There's a growing number of US suppliers and sales are rising fast, though biodiesel is more expensive than ordinary diesel in the US. In the UK biodiesel is taxed less than petrodiesel and it's available commercially. Feel freedom -- Want the GREAT feeling of independence you'll get from making your own fuel! Biodiesel: If you want to make it yourself, ***there are several good recipes available for making high-quality biodiesel, and they say what we also say: ***some of these chemicals are dangerous, take full safety precautions, and if you burn/maim/blind/kill yourself or anyone else, that will make us very sad, but not liable -- ***This website is for entertainment only -- we don't recommend anything, it's your own responsibility to study books and reports on making your own biodiesel. According to an UK study:"Nobody has yet burned/maimed/blinded/killed themselves or anyone else making homebrewed biodiesel. Large numbers of ordinary people all over the world are making their own biodiesel, it's been going on for years, and so far there have been NO serious accidents. It's safe if you're careful and sensible." Be "Sensible" also means not over-reacting, as some people do: "I'd like to make biodiesel but I'm frightened of all those terrible poisons." In fact they're common enough household chemicals. Lye is sold in supermarkets and hardware stores as a drain-cleaner, there's probably a can of it under the sink in most households. Methanol is the main or only ingredient in barbecue fuel or fondue fuel, often sold in supermarkets and chain stores as "stove fuel" and used at the dinner table; it's also the main ingredient in the fuel kids use in their model aero engines. So get it in perspective, there's no need to be frightened. See Safety and More about methanol for further information. Learn as much as you can first -- lots of information is available. ***Make small test batches before you try large batches (see also Test-batch mini-processor). Make it with fresh oil before you try waste oil
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The Gas Co., GM to collaborate on hydrogen project

The Gas Co. and General Motors Co. have teamed up on a pilot project to test hydrogen refueling technology for fuel cell vehicles in Hawaii.


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