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Introducing the Mini Cooper Clubman

Introducing the Mini Cooper Clubman

Author: John Gales


The Mini Cooper Clubman arrives with a great price and unmatched performance for its size. Style and power is packed in the Clubman\'s compact frame. Mini has extended their reputation for quality with this latest offering.

Bigger, Stronger, Better? Sure, the Clubman is a great choice for those who may have thought the other Mini models were a bit too small for comfort. With the Mini Cooper Clubman, you\'ll enjoy more legroom, larger cargo space and a delightful barn style rear door.

With a 118 Horsepower engine, the Clubman speeds from 0 to 60km in 7.3 seconds - tapping out at just over 200 km/h. This baby is great on gas - 28 city and 37 highway with a 13 gallon tank.

You\'re in for a smooth ride with the Clubman - with a wide wheelbase, high-grade suspension, sensor torque brake system and ultra balanced shaft, this Mini is built to move smoothly. In addition to the smooth drive, these features also ensure enhanced safety.

Mix and Match 40 interior and exterior color combos along with upgrades like premium lamps, signals, seating, dashboard options, wheels and more and you have yourself a one-of-a-kind creation. The Clubman allows for over 10 million combinations of options.

Not that all the customization is necessary - the Clubman stands out with just its fresh-out-of-the-factory styling. The Clubman is sleek and sexy while maintaining its regal appeal.

It may not seem apparent at first, but driving a Mini Cooper is driving not only in style but also in comfort. The driver\'s seat allows a full-grown man to sit in comfort with ergonomic seating and driving position that stress comfort and correct driving posture. Clubman is also 3.15 in. longer at the wheelbase than the conventional minis, providing more leg room in the passenger seats and more cargo room at the back.

The return of a well-loved car from circa 1960 made its mark not only in the roads but in the hearts of those who drive it, and those who saw and marvel at the build and the power a small car like MINI have. We have seen it in racetracks, freeways, in less than favorable roads, and sometimes under a moving truck in an intersection. Where else would we see a MINI Cooper next?

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